25' Holby Pilot 2007


Osterville, MA

Offered by:

Crosby Yacht Yard

(508) 428-6900

The Pilot 24 is pretty from every angle. It's even better when you're on board.Holby Marine built boats for more than two decades in Bristol, R.I., a town synonymous with classic yacht construction, so it's not a surprise that the Holby continued that Bristol tradition. Mark Ellis, who has a good eye for a pretty boat, designed the Pilot 24 and he clearly used the classic lobsterboat as a starting point. What the crisp lines and gentle tumblehome conceal is the modified-V-bottom with wide chines that make the Pilot 24 stable and quick to plane (as low as 15 knots!). The wide hard chine that starts forward at the bow serves not only to steady the boat in a seaway, but also acts like a spray knocker to keep the deck dry.Construction is equally modern, using the SCRIMP resin-infusion process for a perfectly blended composite that is both strong and light. A quick look around the Pilot 24 shows that Holby invested plenty of time (and elbow grease) in quality molds, because all the parts fit nicely together.

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